New Rules For Painting

New Rules For Painting

Surfacing :: Mixed media, 27″x27″, 2013

A few times a year I get the inspiration to write myself a new code for painting. It inevitably comes from a burning desire to make work that really matters, has impact, is personally valuable to people.

In a culture completely saturated in images, what image has value? How can I make work that is not simply contributing to the deluge, the over stimulation, the visual bloat? Why commit to hours of work and the use of valuable materials if the image could just as easily by created digitally?

This season’s rules for painting are an attempt to answer these questions.

1) Stop painting faces.

2) Speak to what you think people are most deeply craving in their lives.

3) Be weird, be awkward, make work that is uncomfortable.

4) Don’t think image. Think object, think material.

5) Work faster. Be reckless. Don’t look back.

6) Set intention, make offerings. Consciously invite guidance.

What thoughts and intentions are guiding your creative process these days?

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