Pathways of Meaning – An Ethos of Art

Pathways of Meaning – An Ethos of Art

“Art is not a thing, it is a way.” Elbert Hubbard

There is something that is parched and tired. The day is full of emails and errands, hurried communication, lists. I have not felt the soles of my feet on cool dirt. I have not sung the song of my grandmother mending. I have not thought of the symbols in the iron fence on Broadway or inhaled the scent of someone’s hair, or looked at the moon. There is only coming and going, there is no direction.

A painting is a very real way of remembering what has value. Images and objects that are created with expanded awareness and compassionate purpose emit those qualities in their very being-ness. They have the ability to fill our essential human desire for connection and meaning and nourish our aesthetic self that so often is found languishing under fluorescent lights. They are doorways that can connect us to a time, an emotion, an element, an archetype, an ancestor. They are a guide that returns us to center.

I create paintings with the intention of connecting people to their innate spiritual strength and wisdom. Each painting combines technical strategy and esoteric study with intuition and prayer and every aspect of how I create and what I create is done with mindfulness – from the music I listen to while working to the materials used. My practice is not to subscribe to a certain way of painting but to be vigilant in my devotion to correctly bring forward what a specific energy is saying.

Through out my life I have followed my hunches here and there on the search for meaning. At 20 I dropped out of art school to study Tantra in India, returned to school and then dropped out yet again to apprentice to a women’s mystery training. There have been all sorts of strange calls I have followed – at one point I literally got rid of everything I owned, later I moved to a new city where I purposefully isolated myself so I could spend most of my time sleeping in order to learn about dreams. I have always wanted to learn by doing and above all what these many different travels and areas of study have taught me is an unshakeable attention to the inner “divine voice”. This voice – above all academic or outside information – is what guides my choice of imagery and material in my paintings.

I believe we must cultivate our connection to the mysterious, the beautiful and the sacred in order to have a meaningful life and that art is a powerful way to do this. It is what changes our life from a to-do list to a poem. If you can relate to this or if you connect to a specific painting I hope that you will stay in touch with me and my work by joining my Facebook page where I post my latest writings, inspiration and sneak peeks into the studio. Lets stay connected.

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