The Messages Within the Manifestation

The Messages Within the Manifestation

When my partner Natan Alexander and I created Star & Snake we decided to use the motto “Art is Magic” and that concept is and will always be the central theme to my life and my work.  I am currently working on a new body of work for a solo show at Ouroboros Book and Art Gallery and for this show I wanted to really drill down into this concept, to take it a step further.

The idea that art is magic (or that magic is art) is somewhat problematic when it comes to using it as trope, the central issue being that it is difficult to access the power of the statement because of our societies general relationship to both.  I feel that both art and magic have been made into commodities in our culture, they have become divorced from being our own personal property as humans. It is my experience that most see these topics as things they must acquire from others rather than something they innately are.


"My mother's things" Oil on panel, 7"x5"

“My mother’s things” Oil on panel, 7″x5″

So with this show I wanted to talk about both art and magic on a really intimate level, I wanted to make it personal.  I believe the first step in becoming an artist or a magician is claiming your inherent ability to be just that.  To say “I am an artist.” “I am a witch”, to claim it,  and from that claiming, begin the spell that makes it truth.  This is the spell that animates the world, that allows access to the mystical through the mundane; that awakens the innate human ability to perceive beyond the physical and to create in all worlds.

This body of work is about the moments of tuning into that knowing, perceiving the magical in the world around me and harnessing that ability to see to become more powerful.  To become the magician/witch/artist not by studying what others have done and not by escaping into inner worlds.  But by being acutely present with what is around me.

"Figa", oil on paper, 3"x3"

“Figa”, oil on paper, 3″x3″

Perhaps, if we spoke with a stone or a river, we would treat the earth with more reverence.

Perhaps, if we could see our ancestors standing by us, we would have more courage.

Perhaps, if we met the spirit of a rose we would get drunk on its beauty and fall more in love with the world.

Perhaps, if we heard the buildings and streets tell their stories we would not feel alone.

These tiny captured moments. Through this new body of work, I am sharing some of mine and in them are the quiet voices itching to be heard. Painting to hear the messages within and then painting the messages.  It is my hope that through painting I will amplify them and create a breadcrumb trail back to the veiwer’s own ability to hear, to see and to act.

Art is Magic.



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