Transformation and Light – I:MAGE 2014

Transformation and Light – I:MAGE 2014

Pouring rain on the gardens and greasy streets of Camden. The rain stopped so I could walk the few blocks to the Cob Gallery but the wind and humid air kept up a tense dialog – one hurriedly pushing the clouds onward and the other languidly sticking to my hair and damp fingers. The white walls of the gallery glowed through the glass facade as I entered. Step over the threshold, a thousand mile journey.

I move from artwork to artwork, a charge growing in my spine. Max Razdow’s work brings me into the serpentine journeys of dreams where one space shifts to the next. Agostino Arrivabene’s paintings are like discovering something freshly killed, like the time I picked up a dead falcon and marveled at its beautiful markings while gagging at its smell. By the time I make it to the second room I am already a bit dizzy as each work draws me to a different place, charges me with such immense feeling.

Jesse Bransford and Max Razdow's collaborative project "The Veil of Dreams"

Jesse Bransford and Max Razdow’s collaborative project “The Veil of Dreams”

Anzu by Liz Insogna

Anzu by Liz Insogna

Staring into Francesco Parisi’s painting “The Sacred Grove” my eyes well up. The pinhole lights of dawn breaking behind the grove of trees seems as if it could erupt, blind the landscape, envelope me and I hold my breath, hoping it will. And then the rest of the night becomes a smear of zinc across an umber landscape. The incandescent lights are reflecting on a row of cheshire teeth, a jacket button, an unblinking set of eyes and creating endless reflections that open up like tiny doorways. The air within the gallery just as thick as that of the stormy night outside.

Its true, I am drawn to making poetry out of things. This is the best way that I have to speak about the real power and brilliance of bringing together a group of artists who are all in their own way communicating with and making work to communicate the unseen. There was a palpable hum to the I:MAGE show that wove through the different mediums and approaches of the artists. I am sure that everyone in the gallery that night could feel this charge.

I am incredibly grateful to Robert Ansell and Livia Filotico for envisioning and curating a show that illuminates the esoteric themes that all of these incredibly talented artists are working with in their separate ways. And again I want to share my deepest thanks to everyone who supported me in making this trip. The pictures in my mind and the places they are connected to continue to spin and birth ideas and images that I cannot wait to put into paint.

You should definitely take a moment to learn more about Fulgar Esoterica, I:MAGE and the artists here

A.O. Spare's drawing of his spirit guide Black Eagle

A.O. Spare’s drawing of his spirit guide Black Eagle


  1. Kathleen

    Such a beautifully visceral and multi dimensional review. Than you.

  2. I love the way that you feel. So glad you were able to experience this and grateful to be inspired by you and it. xo

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